Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.

Leland Dieno

Digital Marketing Specialist

Is your web presence working for you?

Does your website represent your brand and business?

In this increasingly digital world, a responsive & accessible website is essential to communicating your brand.


A responsive design means that your website looks exactly how you want it to look regardless of the viewing device. 63% of Google searches in 2019 in the US originated from a mobile device (Merkleinc, 2019). It is more important than ever to have a website that can automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports.


Having an accessible website to support social inclusion should be a number one priority. This can be achieved through curating accessible code coupled with simple and effective design. Having an accessible website benefits everyone and championing this can help enhance your brand, improve your search engine optimization and extend your market reach.

The Process

Whether you need a new website or would like to revamp your current one, I can help. I will take your ideas and create an appealing, easy-to-use website that enhances the image of your brand and encourages visitors to learn more about you. My services are provided through a simple 4-step process to ensure your website exceeds your vision. I develop experiences that make peoples lives simpler, it begins here:


A free consultation where I can learn and understand more about your brand and vision.


A detailed project proposal including a visual preview will be presented with a plan of action.


You will receive regular updates on the progress whilst your website is being built and tested.


A great day for the both of us! Once deployed you will have the option of after-care services.



A website built for a structural cleaning and grit blasting company built using WordPress, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Manage Software

A landing page built for a management software company built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript & TailwindCSS.

Gourmet Burger

A layout for a gourmet burger company built using HTML & CSS.

High Grounds

A layout for an independent coffee shop built using HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript.

Content Creator

A landing page for a content creator built using HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript.


secret missions

A party game app where players compete against each other to complete 'secret missions'. The mobile-first UI, built with React and Tailwind allows for easy gameplay on any device. The app also utilizes Socket.IO for real-time communication and syncing between players, which adds a dynamic and competitive element to the game. This app utilizes MongoDB to store missions and (eventually) categorize missions to adapt the game to player's environments, ensuring a new and exciting experience every time you play.


Doodlebook is a fully responsive social media that lets users upload doodles and browse others on the community doodlebook. Users are able to like, comment and add doodles to their inspiration board. UI created with a mobile first approach with JavaScript, HTML, EJS, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, and Tailwind. User authenticated with Passport and passwords encrypted with bcrypt. Users stored in a MongoDB database and images stored on Cloudinary utilizing Multer to upload. This application was built using MVC architecture.


BreatheEZ is an app that helps users quit smoking by allowing them to create an account and track their daily smoke cessation streak. It also provides health benefit facts according to the user's daily progress, tracks the user's mood and craving levels, and directs the user to a game page when high anxiety levels are detected through a questionary. The app was built as part of a Health and Wellness Hackathon using JavaScript, HTML, EJS, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose and Tailwind. The development team worked in an AGILE way, and the users log in with Passport auth and track their daily habit, moods, and non-smoking streaks which are displayed via Chart.js.

NASA Stargazers

A fully responsive web application for space fans that displays the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) from NASA with the ability to browse the APOD archives. Users can also browse images of the Mars Rovers.

Rexx Life Raj Twitter Bot

A Node.js app using the Twitter and Genius API to Tweet random lyrics of artist Rexx Life Raj. A song is chosen at random and the URL of that song is generated, the HTML is scraped to acquire the lyrics using Cheerio and converted to text. The text is then parsed to remove any lyrics that are by another artist and two lines (in succession) are chosen at random and Tweeted. The Tweets are automated daily using CronJob.


A fully responsive JavaScript web application variant of the popular game Wordle. The board is made in-situ using JavaScript and words are selected randomly from an external words.js array. Wordle uses keyup event listeners to allow keyboard input and logic to determine letters that match the randomly selected word. A countdown timer was implemented depending on which time selected and will countdown. Progression to the next level occurs when the right answer is obtained. Wordle matches each word input to the words.js array and if the word is not present then a modal pops up saying that the word is not in the list. This modal was created using a CSS library called Toastr. Using ChartJS and local storage stats of Wordle are retained and shown in the form of a bar chart. This shows highschores for each mode alongside how many guesses it took for each level.

Speakeasy Cocktail Bar

A fully responsive web application that calls a cocktail API using an asynchronous fetch function that displays cocktail information after a search is performed. Users can then cycle through an array of cocktails that match that search parameter. Entry into the cocktail app requires a password and allows entry based on a conditional.


A fully responsive JavaScript web application that utilizes the deck of cards API to randomize a dealer and players hand. Players have the ability to hit which uses a 'draw card' end point, or players can stand. When a player stands, the dealers card is revealed and the dealer draws cards until the total is greater than or equal to 17. Scores are then compared and a winner is declared. Upon player or dealer bust the game ends.

Yeezy Quotes

A simple web application that uses the Unsplash image API and Kanye West quotes API. A Kanye West quote is parsed into the dom onto a randomly generated Unsplash cityscape background.


A circular headshot of Georgie Conway smiling in an office environment wearing a brown beanie hat with brown circular rimmed glasses. They are wearing a black crew-neck shirt with a long silver necklace that extends beyond the picture

I am a chemistry masters graduate that discovered a passion for software engineering during a programming module as part of my degree. Upon originally learning Python due to the data analysis and visualization strengths of the language, I found my interest in web development starting to grow and I began to learn HTML/CSS & Javascript. I am motivated by curiosity and a passion to seek new challenges. As a web developer, my goal is to help bring creative projects to life. I build sleek, reliable websites that connect brands to their customers with accessibility and social inclusion at the forefront.

When I am not chin deep in my computer, you will find me indulging in one of my many various hobbies. I love to play poker, particularly mixed games such as 8-game and HORSE with my favorite variants being 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball and Razz. I am also a video game and sports enthusiast, but I think my main passion outside of developing is discovering new places to eat and drink.